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Corrupt La Porte Police Officer Watches Illegal Gambling at Texans Bar! (photograph)

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I took this photo with the aid of a friend...
I held up my camera phone like I was showing him something on it...
and he told me when to take the picture.
I was personally told by a waitress that worked there, "Yes, it's an illegal game, he gets a cut every night!"
I was angry when I saw him just standing there, looking at illegal gambling going on right in front of him, joking with the players. Would he have just stood there, joking with me, were I sitting there smkoing a joint? I guess if I paid him he might!
I sent this information to the Chief of Police in La Porte, I received this reply:

Your email correspondence has been received by La Porte Police Department’s Office of the Chief of Police and this reply is to inform you that the matter presented to our agency on October 23rd, 2009 has been appropriately addressed. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at the number listed below.

Thank You,

John Krueger

Detective for Internal Affairs

La Porte Police Department

(281) 842-3161